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Presented by
Richard & Nancy Wallace

Richard and Nancy have completed Gottman Method Couples Therapy Training Levels 1 & 2. They both are Seven Principles Program Gottman Leaders. In addition, Richard and Nancy are Advanced Master Certified Marriage & Relationship Coaches as well as Master Certified Life Coaches.

In This Workshop We Will Cover

The Seven Principles Program and Workshop are based on over 40 years of research by Dr. John Gottman and his New York Times bestselling book, "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work." We will have exercises for you and your significant other to cultivate meaningful conversations and develop your “Love Map.” Confidentiality is maintained and there is time for you to practice the exercises privately. All sessions are facilitated by trained Gottman Leaders: Richard & Nancy Wallace (Gottman Method Couples Therapy Training Levels 1 & 2; and Seven Principles Program Gottman Leadership Training).

The Seven Principles Workshop Includes: 

  • The book, “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work,” by John Gottman.  

  • 2 Workbooks (each person gets one)

  • Lectures and Private Couple Exercises



The Seven Principles Program will provide proven strategies and tools to help couples: 

  • Enhance romance and intimacy

  • Create shared meaning for your relationship

  • Improve friendship, fondness, and admiration

  • Develop skills for managing conflict

  • Gain strategies for problem solving and negotiation

This Couples Workshop is for: 


  • Pre-engaged / Premarital / Married 

  • Everyone from seriously dating to newlyweds to seniors

  • Those wanting to enhance a marriage or relationship

  • Couples of all backgrounds, ages, and faiths.

  • Those needing better conflict management strategies and tools. 


**Please Note: If you are dealing with emotional abuse, domestic violence, unwanted touch, or substance abuse, this class is not appropriate, and you should instead seek individual or couples therapy.


*****This workshop is psycho-educational, meaning that it was designed to serve as teaching and guidance for you and is not couples therapy.  Educators are available to assist with class exercises, not to conduct therapy.  If you wish to pursue counseling, we suggest that you visit the Total Life Counseling Dallas website at 


to find information that will help you locate a couples therapist who is trained in Gottman Couples Therapy.


Click here to register for the Workshop.

Cancellation Policy: Is the workshop refundable?


  • Due to upfront costs, deposits, and sourcing materials, the workshop is nonrefundable. However, a partial credit may be applied towards a future class, workshop, or retreat offered by Marriage Reimagined for up to one year.

  • Cancellations must be in writing.

Can I gift my registration to another couple?

  • Yes. Please contact Nancy Wallace ( to transfer the registration to another couple.

  • The Relationship Assessment is not transferable. A separate $50 fee will be required to issue a new Relationship Assessment to the new couple.

  • The recipient couple will need to complete the Relationship Assessment immediately so their information will be available for the private review during the couples intake session.

More Questions? Contact Nancy Wallace: with your name, number, preferred time of day to discuss, and she will contact you as soon as possible.

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