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Retreat Survey
Thank you for joining Marriage Reimagined at Kiepersol Estates! We want to know your thoughts about the retreat. Plus, we want to make the event better for next time.

Was this your first retreat?
I am happy that I attended this retreat.
I wish the group sessions were longer.
The breakout session was beneficial to me.
I wish the breakout session was longer.
Would you like more gender-focused breakout sessions?
Would you like individual sessions?
Did you like the location: Kiepersol Estates Bed & Breakfast?
Did you enjoy the vineyard & scenery?
Did you like the winery & distillery tours?
Did you enjoy the food?
Which meal was your favorite??
Would you like another overnight stay at a similar location?
Would you prefer a hotel chain instead of a bed & breakfast?
Let us know if you are interested in any of the other sevices we provide:

Thank you for completing this form!

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