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Join the 8 Dates Journey
Thank you for Joining the Journey with Marriage Reimagined! We look forward to you joining us on the 8 Dates Journey. We encourage couples to make intentional incremental improvements. Work on an aspect of your relationship in increments that can have an overall positive cumulative impact. The Journey into this series of 8 Dates is based on the Gottman’s suggestions for building connection and intimacy by dating and developing loving gestures and romantic rituals - found in their books, "Eight Dates" and "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work." All session dates are facilitated by trained Gottman Leaders.  

Join us as we journey through 8 Dates - Developing your love maps, shared meaning, dreams and goals.

The journey begins May 29, 2022. The 8 Dates Journey is for:

• Everyone from seriously dating to newlyweds to married
• Married / Pre-engaged / Premarital
• Those wanting to enhance a marriage or relationship
• Couples of all backgrounds, ages, and faiths.

Please register with your couple details and we will keep you updated on the journey.

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Thank you for Joining the Journey!

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